There were several discussion about the design of the new website compared to the old one. In the past weeks we got some good and helpful feed-back from Onno Pierik, Philip Vicker, Hugo Hekkenberg and others. Thanks a lot. 

The goals where to design a session page that is less space consuming, gives more oversight and displays more statistics of the displayed session.

Some of the general information of the user is skipped but is still visible on the user detail page. Later we will add a feature that show the user detail info in a popup box. From that moment you do not need to navigate to a separate page. So improvements will continue.

The day ranking and the achievements are also shown (premium member) on the session page.



Besides that the login function is working on mobile devices again with this update and some other fixes.


Nice and efficient new design !

Maybe show age and weight of sailor on main page ? 

Since yesterday (9 oct) I cannot upload a track anymore.


PSBS: Error loading usercontrol my/mytrackupload.ascx



Trying to upload session for the first time, get the same error message:  PSBS: Error loading usercontrol my/mytrackupload.ascx


Sipke / Timo

Thanx for reporting, we think something went wrong with the big update from yesterday, we will try to fix it asap !

GP3S Crew

Page is working agian

Update 16 oktober:


  • all user info visible in mobile viiew
  • Social buttons added on session details page to be able to share session info quiclky
  • brand icons updated to get a better of the page