I've written an article about the GW-52 which may be of help / interest to some people.

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Thanks, nice review.

Very interesting review, thanks. 

I have a question regarding recording multiple separate sessions:
-  with the GT-31 you can turn it off, then on again, and it will automatically create a new file

- however, from your description, I understand that he device is never off, and keeps appending new sailing data, until the internal log is cleared manually. So to record multiple sessions, there seems no way to keep the data streams per session separated inside the device, and you effectively have to download data after each session and clear the internal log. Or do you see any other way to accomplish multiple sessions without downloading and clearing after each session ?

The device doesn't seperate the sessions and you end up downloading one log.

For example:

  • Monday: Enter GPS mode, sail for 2 hours, exit GPS mode
  • Tuesday: Enter GPS mode, sail for 3 hours, exit GPS mode
  • Wednesday: Download to computer

The result is 5 hours worth of data in a single file. You then need to split it in GPSResults or GpsarPro.

Thats so not user friendly... I am trying to make the speedsurfing sport more accessible for my fellow mates in our windsurf club but with these kind of data transfers they giving me a hard time. :(

Here's a question I can find no answer to in the do you 'exit gps mode'?

I charged the battery, finally got the unit/firmware all sorted, down to the beach and the bloody battery is flat.

Presumably because it has been running full time?

If the unit is, as you say, "always on" why would the battery flatten so quickly?

A major reason for lack of interest in the GPS speed sailing in my area is tech complexity and I can't see this unit being any improvement.

Definitely no improvement on a GT31.

Hey, just press "START" and "GPS" to switch into the clock-mode. Your battery will last for weeks now. If you start your session press again "START" and "GPS" to record your surfing with GPS. After the session you have to press "START" and "MODE" to lock off your GW-52 and again "START" and "GPS" to switch into the battery-saving clock mode.

How do I clear the internal memory manually?

It's a real pain that every time I connect the GW52 utility it loads several days of runs and I have to separate them and delete before uploading.

Another problem is that GPSAR will not send the data on to GPS-SS because the GW52 data can't be integrated by the cubic spline method.

Has anybody worked out how to send data via GPSAR?

I've just today had two more enquiries re which GPS unit to buy and I can't recommend this one.

if you are in the (unlocked) gps mode, choose some data and then press adjust. Then you can get the bin and the choice yes or no.

Today it was confirmed to me by a Dutch sailor (who uses but actually regrets to have bought a GW-52) : logging across sessions creates one continuous file, that you have to split manually in e.g. GPSresults.
If in a GT-31 you write the internal memory to file via the menu Datalogger, and than open that file in GPSresults, the program will recognize that the datastream contains separate sessions, and you can select the desired session by selecting/deselecting the [v] controls on screen.
However, for some reason, in an output file from the GW-52, GPSresults does not recognize the separate sessions, so you have to split the stream manually into different sessions. This is a major practical problem.
If the GW-52 would become the new de facto standard GPS device, maybe Manfred Fuchs could investigate if he can adapt GPSresults so that it does recognize separate sessions in the GW-52 saved files.

If you check the Auto clear checkbox before downloading your data with GW52Util, then the datalogger of your GW52 is cleared after saving the SBP-file. Next time your session will be in the next SBP-file, you only have to download the data after each session with Auto clear on...

Daar is Pat'je weer... Van een IT Expert verwacht je dat ie zijn eigen software wel even schrijft, maar helaas... volgende keer even de handleiding lezen Pat :)

Ik heb problemen met m'n GW 52, sinds denk ik het een keer heb af/uitgezet via het programma op de laptop. Nu klopt de tijd en datum niet meer. Ik kan het met geen mogelijkheid weer op de juiste tijd zetten o.a. opnieuw aan en uitzetten, GMT veranderen, weer terug op juiste GMT stand terugzetten, tijd veranderd wel maar blijft onjuist, buiten gaan staan zodat de satellieten goed te vinden zouden moeten zijn.

Iemand bekend met dit probleem en oplosbaar of moet ik t maar gewoon terugzenden naar de leverancier?

Bedankt alvast.



Probleem met de tijd is opgelost. Buiten gaan staan en dan wachten tot de satellieten gevonden zijn, dan stelt de tijd zich weer vanzelf goed in. Wat een opluchting!

Locosys have released a new version of the utility to make clearing the log file easier. It now has a new seperate button to clear the log file.

See more details and screen shot picture here:

I find the best way to use this GPS is to do all settings and manipulations through the Utility when you download.

When sailing it is really simple. Just turn GPS mode on before the session, and turn it off again after the session. They are the only operations that need to be done for me on the screen interface. It really is simple and is working a lot better than I anticipated when I was still thinking in GT-31 mode. You just use it differently.